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Meet the team: Tina

Chook A Licious - Built on Family Traditions

For those of you who know Tina, you know her well. She's always happy to have a chat when she can, and loves cuddles with her nieces!

Born and bred in The Hills, Tina too is part of the Chook A Licious family, built on Greek heritage with that friendly local Aussie spirit.

Tina’s extensive background has seen her working within one of Australia’s largest poultry companies for several years but she too owned her own cafe a few years back, which is what makes Tina an integral part of the Chook A Licious family and business.

You may have read our previous blog highlighting Theo, if you missed it you can view it here. We described how Theo & his dad, Chris, are the ideas men of the business, and to compliment these ideas perfectly, is Tina & her beautiful mum, Maria.

What you might not know is that Tina & Maria bring these ideas to life through seamless execution. This is what makes the family owned business so successful, it's a family of four doing what they love, each holding a significant purpose.

Tina is a family person at heart. Our in-depth conversations have always led back to how important family is to her. Her niece, Chanel, lights up her world daily, and it's refreshing to see such a tight family connection.

When you venture down to Chook A Licious you will be greeted with a warm and inviting hello from Tina and a friendly goodbye, “or see you next time, sweety” because that’s who she is, a genuine person who has a passion for that Chook A Licious taste!

And, if you’re thinking of going to Greece anytime in the future, then make sure you stop in and ask Tina for some travel advice, because she knows when the perfect time of year is to get a killer tan!

So, come in, say hi, and introduce yourselves because just as much as we want our local loyal customers to know us, we too want to get to know you!