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Meet the team: Chris & Maria

Chris & Maria : Chook A Licious

Like any family owned business, there’s a founder of the success. In this case, there were two founders… introducing husband and wife duo, Chris & Maria!

Both Chris & Maria were born and raised in Greece. They moved to Australia in late 1972 to embark on a journey down under. In their early migration Chris worked at a milk bar in Doonside and Maria at Best and Less in Newtown. Soon after their arrival they tied the knot and were married in a Marrickville Church in 1974.

Having settled in and over the course of the next decade, Chris & Maria welcomed three children into their family, Tina, Peter & Theo.

It was after the birth of their children that Chris & Maria decided to bring their passion for taste to the heart of the community by buying a takeaway shop in Winston Hills in 1985 called the "Winston Hills Takeaway & Milkbar" in the former complex where the new Winston Hills Mall now stands. Soon though, Chris would need to re-establish his base, as Winston Hills Mall was upgraded and therefore all shops were closed.

Chris was one of the fortunate previous tenants who was selected to continue trading once the renovations were complete, so Chris opened a new takeaway shop called "More than a Chook".

After 12 great years, Chris sold his business and Chook A Licious was born!

Now, you might not get to see or meet Chris or Maria very often when you pop in for a coffee, dinner or just a chat, and that’s because they’re in the kitchen preparing all the tasty food for you.

Chris starts work every morning at a staggering 4am, and Maria too will be seen early in the morning preparing for the day ahead – they do it because they love flavours, taste and this community!

What you may not know about Chris & Maria is that they are the most genuine, nice & friendly people. Some of you will know that even though you're not part of the Chook A Licious family by blood, however Chris & Maria both certainly make everyone feel like part of the family when you go in to say hi. You might even be lucky enough to get a traditional Greek biscuit, or a cake that Maria has baked fresh that day. Whatever it is, the Greek tradition is very evident and inspiring to see such warmth centered around heritage. (For Maria’s famous Greek biscuit recipe, click here.)


It’s this dedication, passion and determination that has become the heart and success story of Chook A Licious.


To wrap this segment up, and in preparation for Mother’s Day, we’d like to wish all the mums out there, especially Maria & Jade a Happy Mother’s Day. May you all have a wonderful day filled with love, family and laughter.