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Who We Are

We're the new taste to modern cuisine with a hint of your old-school milk bar! We're the talk of the town because our secret peri-peri- sauce has everyone's taste buds on fire. 

Our Marketing Strategy

We've built a brand around taste. Our core message is to ignite our consumers taste buds, giving them that sensation of a melt-in-your-mouth experience. 


Our coherent branding, active social media schedule and in-store customer service experience is the backbone of our business - not to mention our food is the main growth driver!


Our philosophy is, build your brand around the community spirit. Our locations are carefully selected to accompany communities rich in family values, whilst strategically positioned in high traffic areas.


For more information on where we recommend your franchise is positioned, get in touch with us via the contact form above or email us at info@chookalicious.com.au

Next Steps

All you need is respect, team spirit, honesty and commitment.


Training will be provided by our master franchisees over 4 -6 weeks. The training will be your key to success and profits and we will be there the whole way. We are always on hand for you to assure your success as a Chook A Licious franchise owner. 


Are you excited? So are we. Call us on 9686 8135 

and start your journey with us today!